Welcome to Redshift | Print and Web Specialists
Welcome to Redshift

Redshift represents  a number of marketing and communication brands designed to provide structured business solutions to all of our customers. 

For us, it’s all about partnering with our clients so that we can bring our expertise to the table, to aid in our customers’ business profitability. This is about helping our customers to build a highly valuable asset, their business.

All of our brands provide opportunity for growth. They go to market in their different forms and operate at levels of the market and by doing so, allow wide scale service and excellence delivery.

We’re proud of our customers and their successful growth, it’s what makes us tick.

Printing.com logo
Printing.com images

Printing.com make printed items for businesses and personal use. We started operating in 2005, when owner Lawrence Evans began building a print buying solution for small businesses in New Zealand. Since then, we’ve constantly expanded and innovated.

All our orders are produced in a central production hub that is equipped with technology to ensure the high quality for your products. In other words, we’ve got fancy machines. But that’s not what gets us up in the mornings with that refreshing bountiful leap! We do things refreshingly different to everyone else. We don’t speak in secretive print language (yawn), we speak in human…yup, we talk about print and design and what it can do for your business growth using good old English. We’ve enjoyed seeing our customers businesses grow well beyond their expectations…that’s the best stuff to see and talk about…not our heavy pieces of steel here in Wellington.

We have amazing software that makes life easy for our customers. This is about ordering print quickly, so you can get on with the more important parts of your day. Let’s face it, we’re the only ones that jump out of bed every morning thanks to print – you guys don’t. So let’s get it effective, profitable, use really smart software (which is all internet based, you just need an operational internet browser) nail those sales targets you need nailed.

So jump on in to one of our many locations around New Zealand. Our teams are highly skilled in both being awesome and delivering your business results that you haven’t seen from a ‘printing company’ before!


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Nettl logo
Websites designed by Nettl

Nettl is the evolution of the printing.com franchise formula. Nettl web studios help local businesses with their next website or web shop. They do the difficult things like integrating ecommerce sites with instore EPOS systems, or syncing online booking with telephone reservations.

So the big point here is…the Internet. It’s a very powerful mechanism that your business needs to use effectively in order to grow. We take the guess work out of the ‘how’. We also don’t approach it like most geeks in our industry do (don’t get us wrong, we love geeks, they make things happen!), we’re more about your business performance as a result of your new site than we are about how amazing we are at making them.

Not only is Nettl your neighbourhood web design studio that design and build beautiful responsive websites but also do:

  • Design
  • Marketing
  • Brand Styling
  • Printing
    …basically everything

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A glimpse into the wonderful world of w3p

Radiaca provides an all new way to view print on your mobile device. This new technology is transforming the way businesses, publishers and other organisations are providing information to their customers.

Radiaca works with a host of publishers and printers here and overseas. Radiaca empowers companies to create mobile-first digital publishing experiences that engage and convert. Radiaca has partnered with Redshift as we bring different but complementary skill sets to the table.

Convert and re-purpose your print publications into rich, responsive HTML5 content with the Radiaca online mobile-first publishing service. Radiaca will transform your PDF to HTML articles and deliver them dynamically to mobile, tablet, and desktop for an adaptive viewing experience. Streamline your content marketing efforts, unlock new streams of ad revenue, and captivate the mobile market. Radiaca helps you get your publication into the hands of more readers.

Check out some of our examples by clicking on the “visit site” link below:


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w3p logo
A glimpse into the wonderful world of w3p

Web-2-print cloud software for printers and graphic professionals. 

W3p is our SaaS, cloud-based software offering the ability for businesses to transact with their current and future clients online.

Gone are the days when web2-print software commanded a high price tag. Our w3p solutions are engineered to offer unrivalled value, coupled with leading edge technology..

If your business is not yet transacting online you need to take a look at w3p..


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Brand Demand logo
Complete control of your brand with Brand Demand

If you have a distributed network of businesses that share a brand, like a franchise network or a number of corporate offices spread around little old New Zealand, have we got a deal for you!

BrandDemand is a fully integrated web-to-print system. It allows your network to create personalised marketing materials whilst preventing changes that alter your brand. As such, it is an ideal system for franchised networks, departmental organisations and multi-site businesses.

Orders for leaflets, flyers, letterhead, business cards and more can be placed by your network in minutes. BrandDemand removes the need for you to get involved. Put simply, it takes the hassle out of managing the print requirements for a multi-site network. 

Also, importantly, from a management point of view, you can see the orders your network is placing and manage ordering levels and requirements from your central location. Too easy!


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Wholesale Print logo
Wholesale Print website screenshot

Trade print supply with Wholesale Print

Wholesale Print is an online trade printer, that has been providing print solutions to the industry of graphic professionals since 2001.

Wholesale Print offers you an eclectic mix of full colour print ideas. Our core range is lithographically printed with a broad range of stocks, embellishments and print finishes.


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Your Books logo
Books printed by Your Books

Getting your book printed has never been so easy!

You write it, we will print it and more. Print anytime, from anywhere in the world. Whether you are printing 50 books or 500 books, Your Books is the affordable quality option. 

Your Books print all types of books from Novels to Educational books and more. They also offer all types of binding and extra services such as editing and proof reading.


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My Books logo
A selection of My-books customers Photo books

Too often photos are hidden away in cupboards, left to be unseen on mobile phones.

Photos hold your biggest joys, triumphs and fondest memories. Every photo holds a story, create a beautiful photo book and  make sure your photos aren’t hidden away… because your story deserves to be told. 

With My-books free software you can create your own personal keepsakes such as:

  • Photo Books
  • Canvases
  • Photo Calendars... and more!

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